Access Camps

Connecting Kids to Outdoor Experiences

The Community Foundation provides grants to help children experience the wonders of summer camp. Established through the estate of Mary Ives Hunting, Access Camps is designed to improve access to social and recreational opportunities that attract diverse populations. The purpose of the program is to increase the ability of under-served Kent County children to access a West Michigan overnight camp.

Through Access Camps, the Community Foundation will award up to $10,000 to selected West Michigan camps during the upcoming season for specific efforts to increase access to overnight camps for under-served Kent County children. 

The following criteria are used to identify under-served campers:

  • Low-income

    Children from families at or below the poverty level

  • Working Poor

    Children from families at 200% of the poverty level

  • Children With Disabilities

    Children who have significant limitations regarding overnight camp choices due to their disabilities

  • Diverse Backgrounds

    Children of ethnic, racial or socio-economic minority groups


In order to request the full grant amount of $10,000, a minimum of $3,000 and a maximum of $5,000 must be designated for transportation or transportation-related assistance.

To be eligible for Access Camps funds, camps need to meet certain criteria. Special consideration will be given to overnight camping programs that demonstrate the following:

  • High percentage of campers are from Kent County
  • High and/or increasing population of ethnically and racially diverse campers and staff
  • Accredited or working toward accreditation

Check back in November when the application goes live.

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