Academic Achievement

Our goal for to help first generation/low-income students obtain a degree or high-quality credential.

This is one area of grantmaking in which we are taking a very narrow and targeted approach. Specifically, our aim is to ensure Challenge Scholars students in the Union High School pathway are socially and academically prepared for post-secondary success. 

Please note: At this time our educational grantmaking dollars are near exclusively focused on our Challenge Scholars program. 

Applications for education grants are by invitation only.

Recent Grants From this Area





  • Kent School Services Network

    Amount Awarded: $75,000

    Date Awarded: Aug. 2016

    To continue funding for the Kent School Services Network to support the community school coordinators and clinicians.

  • Grand Rapids Public Schools

    Amount Awarded: $500,000

    Date Awarded: Apr. 2016

    To support Year Six of a Partnership Pipeline at Harrison Park, Westwood Middle School and Union High School that promotes post-secondary learning for all students.