Inclusion, Equity + Cultural Opportunities

We make grants to build community capacity for inclusion and equity.  We also aim to improve access to cultural opportunities that engage diverse populations.

Short-term Outcomes

  • Under-represented populations serve in key leadership, governance or elected position
  • Cultural institutions make data-informed decisions to attract more diverse patrons and volunteers

Recent Grants From This Area





  • Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts

    Amount Awarded: $10,000

    Date Awarded: Aug. 2016

    To support grassroots and media outreach to invite and engage diverse audiences for UICA's exhibitions US IS THEM, Here + Now, and Seitu Jones foodways project.

  • Grand Rapids Art Museum

    Amount Awarded: $50,000

    Date Awarded: Feb. 2016

    To support a community research and collaboration initiative to make GRAM more inclusive of the diverse audiences represented in Kent County.

  • ArtPrize

    Amount Awarded: $40,000

    Date Awarded: Feb. 2016

    To support ArtPrize's efforts to deliberately remove barriers to participation among underserved audiences.

  • Kent District Library

    Amount Awarded: $10,000

    Date Awarded: Oct. 2015

    To engage diverse populations in communication and creativity by providing access to different perspectives through a variety of educational and entertaining programs featuring African American authors, poets, and educators.

    Giving individuals and groups the opportunity to share their experiences through creative outlets and in safe spaces.

  • Camp Fire West Michigan 4C

    Amount Awarded: $100,000

    Date Awarded: Aug. 2015

    To support implementation of components of QIS model-program quality assessments, improvements and professional development of youth workers in Kent County.