Chronic Disease Prevention

We award grants to organizations addressing the risk factors for chronic, preventable diseases among populations where there are persistent disparities by ethnicity and/or socioeconomic status.

Short-term Outcomes

  • There are intervention and education efforts to prevent chronic preventable diseases
  • Socioeconomic or ethnic minorities have increased access to care

Recent Grants From This Area





  • Spectrum Health Foundation

    Amount Awarded: $30,000

    Date Awarded: Aug. 2016

    For continuation of its school-based Youth Tobacco Prevention program, which includes Tobacco-No Way!, Nicoteam, and Teens Against Tobacco Use.

  • West Michigan Partnership for Children

    Amount Awarded: $235,040

    Date Awarded: Aug. 2016

    For Mindshare automation to provide immediate analysis and predictive modeling for improving outcomes for families, including the health arena.

  • Migrant Legal Aid

    Amount Awarded: $50,000

    Date Awarded: Jun. 2016

    To train persons who will be able to educate workers on the new Worker Protection Standards Regulations.

  • Arbor Circle

    Amount Awarded: $182,600

    Date Awarded: Feb. 2016

    To improve access to mental health care for homeless, runaway and at-risk youth through co-located, community-based sites in Kent and eastern Ottawa counties.