Careers + Financial Stability

We look to fund organizations that support workforce development to increase career advancement opportunities and a sustainable living wage for low-wage workers. Consideration is also given to organization that improve financial stability for families by improving access to existing community resources.

Short-term Outcomes

  • Low- skilled, low - to - moderate income residents advance to higher skill jobs paying living wage
  • People receive public benefits for which they qualify
  • Residents gain entrepreneurial skills
  • The number and diversity of locally owned businesses grow

Recent Grants From This Area





  • Hope Network Workforce Development

    Amount Awarded: $75,000

    Date Awarded: Apr. 2016

    To improve the likelihood that justice-involved veterans and those with service-related disabilities secure and maintain employment that results in personal and family self-sufficiency and prosperity.

  • Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women (GROW)

    Amount Awarded: $30,000

    Date Awarded: Feb. 2016

    To expand GROW's microloan fund for businesses owned by entrepreneurs, particularly women and people of color. This group often cannot secure traditional loans.

  • Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce

    Amount Awarded: $50,000

    Date Awarded: Oct. 2015

    To support the Minority Business Accelerator that aims to increase the number of businesses owned by people of color in our community.

  • Next Step of West Michigan

    Amount Awarded: $100,000

    Date Awarded: Aug. 2015

    To fund the acquisition and rehabilitation of 100 Garden SE, for the purpose of creating a new home for Next Step of West Michigan.

  • Opportunity Resource Fund

    Amount Awarded: $150,000

    Date Awarded: Aug. 2015

    To provide support for three years to establish an office in Grand Rapids for the provision of small business loans throughout Kent and surrounding counties.