$1 Million Annually for Students in Kent County

Attending college or trade school increases opportunity and opens doors to careers. We know, however, that many people who could most benefit from education after high school are least able to afford it. That's why our scholarships are here to give students a boost on their path to higher education. 

Since 1945, Grand Rapids Community Foundation has been a major scholarship provider in Kent County, awarding more than $1 million every year to hundreds of students pursuing a higher education. 

Hundreds of Scholarships for Kent County Students

General Application

Applying for scholarships has never been so easy. By completing just one online application, you'll automatically be considered for more than 50 scholarship funds. We have scholarships available for students with a wide variety of backgrounds, GPA's, areas of study and levels of education.


Additional Scholarships

We also have several scholarships that require an additional application, including scholarships up to $10,000 for Meijer team members and many more. 


"It was significant and symbolic to receive the Community Foundation scholarship—knowing that someone outside my family valued and affirmed my dreams. It was the support I needed. I felt like the Community Foundation was there with me every step of the way. To me, that's what a family is like."

Brian A. Burt, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Higher Education at Iowa State University

Increasing Opportunity Since 1945

Our Scholarships at a Glance

  • 56% scholarship recipients are first-generation college students.

    We recognize that students who are first in their family to attend college have an extra challenging road. We're committed to helping in every way we can.

  • 33% scholarships awarded to students of color

    Equity matters here, and we're proud to create an inclusive environment where all students have an equitable opportunity to succeed.

  • 12,861 scholarships awarded since 1945

    With more than 70 scholarship funds, this number keeps growing every year!

  • $1,148,150 awarded in scholarships this year

    We've nearly doubled the total dollars awarded annually in the last decade. That means more students in Kent County can achieve post-secondary educational success. Are you next?

Challenge Scholars

Surrounding Students with Support

In addition to our traditional scholarship program, Challenge Scholars is an initiative of Grand Rapids Community Foundation in partnership with Grand Rapids Public Schools that is increasing educational opportunities for students on the West Side.

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If kids in low income situations are allowed the opportunity to succeed in their education, I think they’ll really thrive at something way beyond their imagination.

Ken and Judy Betz - Donors